Happy New Year 2020

We know last year has not been an easy year, we are thankful for still working with us even amongist the pandemic. We happy you made to 2021 🎈🎊. Here are a few insights on what we have for you in this year.

Drone Live Streaming

Things are about to get bigger and better. as you know we have been know for mobile cheap and quick live streaming. Well some of that is changing this year. We are adding a lot of new pro equipment which will be including drones and better portable cameras.

LNote Alpha

We have been working on an opensource project called “L Note”. This is a productivity app to help you keep not of things through out you day and sink them on all devices. we current working only on the Linux version but soon we shall be moving to most of the common platforms.

We love our customers

We never sleep unless we are to drea how we can make your living easier and better. Tha’s why we want to come closer to you this year. We are adding a call us directly through your browser without using you ur airtime. “Data charges may apply but you know how cool this is , right?” We hope you like the new feature.